andrea bolland

cut out the hate & deleted facebook. what a liberating thing to do. with an american election upcoming, my guess is that twitter will be next. for the best, for my self.


maybe there is nothing else holding you back except for the fact your film sucks? or maybe not everything you have to say through film has an audience right now. it can be that simple. it can be that easy.

i want a bucket hat but my head is too big it’ll end up looking like a yarmulke.


social media is exhausting. a tool that has been meant to connect us, facebook barely serves that purpose anymore. it connects me to people with awful opinions who only share memes. what’s the point? i’m going to delete my facebook, probably as a birthday present to myself after i’ve seen how many people wish me happy birthday (because i need that validation). i can’t spend any money these days so instead i’m going to treat myself to some support on my mental well being. in 2019 i made a way bigger efford to say ‘yes’ to those empty ‘we should grab a beer sometime’ gestures, er, how empty they’ve become i should say because of how much time passes before even actioning it. i’ve gotten to meet some people that i’ve only followed on social media, whose work i admire, and who my peers speak highly of. it was a great getting to sit down and converse with some of these people.

i want to make my phone have a purpose again. the only time(s) my phone rings is because of fake west jet scams or chinese pre-recorded messages. maybe in the future we don’t need phone numbers anymore and this is what is servicing it. i want to write emails to my friends checking in on them, and vice versa. i want more conversations. where does it all go.  it’s easy right now as well to say, well if you’re upset with it delete it now. but you have to imagine the amount of time and energy it will take to connect to those who are important, or transition from using facebook every day, to never again. gotta ween and go slowly.